Stay on top of market conditions in Windows 8


  • Informative graphics and charts
  • Personalize your own watchlist
  • Nice integration with the Metro interface


  • Needs more multimedia features


The Finance Metro app lets users keep up with daily financial events.

With a clean light blue background and information presented in rich graphics, Finance's Metro app fits nicely into Metro's interface. It also helps you make informed financial decisions by presenting you with colorful charts and crisp graphics about the latest mortgage, auto and credit card rates in a left to right scrolling interface.

In addition, Finance offers market updates that let you get a quick snapshot idea of current market conditions. A business news section lets you browse market headlines and access business news search results. Unfortunately, you can't read actual business news in the app. If you click on a link, a browser will open so you can read the article that way.

You can also create and personalize a watchlist so you can keep track of stocks, mutual funds and more that are in your own portfolio.

It would've been nice to see more multimedia features like relevant videos and more internal linking to truly make this Finance app a fantastic user experience.

Finance is a convenient way to track all your financial news and information in one place.

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